Security Protection

Keeping you safe from harm


Adding an alarm to your physical security measures can be a good idea to protect your property. Fortress can supply and install independent wireless alarm systems with room and door sensors, zoned activity, remote control function and panic alarm.

These neat systems can also be augmented with the installation of an external alarm siren, but remember you have a civil responsibility to respond to the alarm before it creates a nuisance in your neighbourhood.


Having a safe in your property is always a good idea, especially if you rent the property out. Fortress Security can supply and install all manner of safes, both built-in and surface mounted. Safes come in all shapes and sizes to suit most properties but, of course, if you put the gold Rolex in the safe when you go to the swimming pool, if you don’t secure the doors and windows you are just making it too easy for a would-be burglar.


Fortress security can supply and install a wide range of locks from gates to high security front doors. Fortress always recommends that when you take over a property, renting or buying, that you change the main locks as you never know who exactly has had keys to the property before.

Fortress can also supply and fit secondary locks for windows and doors to give you that extra security when you are away from the property.

Toldos / Awnings

Apart from the physical security of your property you also need to protect yourself from the sun. Fortress can supply and install quality Toldos and Awnings in a range of colours and styles to match the community you live in or to provide individual style for villas and fincas. Fortress can supply manual winding, motorized installations, wind sensors and anchor points.

Choose from folding awnings, arm operated and roll-down to suit your requirements. Fortress also offer a re-cover and repair service for existing Toldos & Awnings. So whether you want straight up, straight down or straight out…you’ll get a straight deal from Fortress.

Mosquito Screens

Fortress Security have the widest range of mosquito screens available on the market. Rolling mosquito screens, fixed mosquitos screens, pull-down mosquito screens, lateral and pleated mosquito screens. They do just what you would expect. KEEP THE MOSQUITOS OUT. Frames can be in a variety of colours and finishes to ensure the mosquito screens blend in with the property.