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Security is our middle name. Here at Fortress Security Spain we believe that security should be many things. Practical, functional and stylish but above all effective. Many properties in Spain are fitted with persianas which are designed to keep out bright sunlight but not intruders. Fortress supply and fit this type in both manual and motorized format. We also repair both aluminium and PVC shutters.

However for real peace of mind your property could benefit from the installation of quality security products. Rejas (Grilles), Security Persianas (Security Shutters), Puertas Ballestas (Scissor gates).

Rejas and reja gates are the traditional Spanish way of keeping a property secure whilst allowing the windows and doors to be left open to create ventilation in a hot climate. Today they still provide an attractive way to secure a property although, where Air conditioning is installed this means that seldom are the windows left open these days. Rejas can be plain or fancy and Fortress rejas are tailor made to suite you property style. Made from high quality mild steel or stainless steel in either round  or square bars with a variety of adornments. We will survey your property and quote for the manufacture and installation of rejas to your individual or community design.

Security Persianas are amongst the most effective way of keeping a property safe. These differ from the light gauge aluminium or PVC variety because they are made from extremely strong auto block aluminium which does not allow them to be lifted or forced open. They must, by their nature, be driven by a motor and as they close the slats lock one into another so that they present, to any would be burglar, a solid wall of material. Again there are a variety of styles and designs to choose from. Some are best suited to domestic use and others are ideal for commercial use where, for example, a night-time window display needs to be seen.

Fortress security has many, many years of experience in the installation of these types of shutters and we have pioneered some of the technological innovation that can provide specific solutions to our clients’ needs. Including; Emergency breaking mechanisms, power out operation and sensor systems. We also provide a repair and maintenance facility for this type of installation. Both for private and commercial customers.

For many the installation of scissor gates is the most cost effective way to secure a property. These low cost gates are very flexible and can be fitted over windows and doors for complete security when the property is vacated or, when in use, folded away to avoid any intrusion. Scissor gates can be supplied in a variety of colours and different locking combinations. As with the rejas they can provide a free flow of air to a property whilst keeping the occupants safe inside.

Our installation team have fitted many thousands of scissor gates over the last 25 years or so and we can repair and maintain existing installations.

Scissor gates start at 99.00€ per square metre.

Security Fencing

Fortress Security has a wealth of experience in installing security fencing for security fencing costa del solcommunities and private villas alike. We use the highest grade materials
available and we can tackle all terrains.

If you are looking to protect your property, keep out wild animals or protect your owners and family around the swimming pool, then security fencing from Fortress Security may be the answer.

Many times stronger than chain link fencing, our mesh is 5mm which makes the fencing exceptionally rigid and makes the fencing almost impossible to

Fortress Security Fencing comes in various heights; 1.00m, 1.50m and 2.00m. There is a range of powder coated colours to choose from. Gates in varying heights are also available. The fencing panels are fixed with tamper-proof anchors and the posts are either bolted to a solid surface (Brick, concrete or rock) or concreted directly into the ground.

Call us for a no obligation survey and quote from the experts on how to secure your property and valuables.