Glass Curtains

Simple – Innovative – Stylish

Fortress Security Spain S.L. has been providing quality solutions for our clients’ needs since 1987. That’s over 27 years of experience and dedication to quality for many 1000’s of our clients on the Costa del Sol. Experience we can bring to bear with the installation of our glass curtain systems.

Glass curtains have made a tremendous impact on the use of terraces and otherwise vacant areas of a property. Transforming an area, glass curtains can add additional living space at relatively low cost and add value to the property. Glass curtains are non-intrusive and don’t spoil that fabulous view!

Glass curtains are so flexible as they provide the full use of the existing open space when folded away and give instant exclusion to poor weather.

Our glass curtains are manufactured to European safety standards. 10mm tempered glass is used along with high quality aluminium extrusion. Neoprene overlapping end strips virtually eliminate draughts.

Fortress glass curtains have a variety of closure options to suit your needs.

Our side close system makes it easy for you to open and close the glass curtains at the turn of a handle.

Alternatively we can install glass curtains with a “Flying” door which opens both ways and is very useful in a high traffic installation.

Our bottom weighted system glides on a smooth running TEFLON track.

Fortress glass curtains come with a range of options including choice of frame colours, glass frostings, openings and track mechanisms.

We can manufacture glass curtains to fit straight runs, angles and curves. We can even add roofs to create an even larger living space.

Our glass curtain systems can reduce external noise levels by at least 60%.

Imagine how much easier it would be to close the glass curtains on the terrace furniture and not have to pack it away when the property is not in use. Glass curtains will help to keep it safe, dust and dirt free and prolong the life.

Our experienced installation team are there to provide you with excellence of service from the initial survey to the final installation and our 5 YEAR warranty only excludes miss-use.

So if you are looking for glass curtains to enhance your quality of life in Spain and you want to deal with a company that has an enviable reputation for quality at the best price…give Fortress a call, send us an e-mail or call into our showroom in Calahonda.

We accept both Visa & Mastercard payments so you can even spread the cost if you wish.

Our survey and quotation are free of charge and obligation. So it will cost you nothing to discover more about the benefits that glass curtains can bring.

Glass curtains, simple, innovative and stylish.